Monday, July 30, 2007

Daydream Believer

I had a great weekend! It was nice and relaxing. Friday evening I did some web work that needed to be done but I took it easy on Saturday. I spent some time talkin' it up with a couple of peeps. First, Court and I met this dude for coffee that I didn't know (long story...friend of one of Court's family friends...see...long story...). He's visiting CM for a month and well...we just got together and talked. It was nice to meet him. He shared a vision with us of something that he'd like to do in the future. It was a great idea and kinda inspired me to get back to some ideas of some things that I've always wanted to do. Then, on to Sojo's for lunch. I got to chill with one of my peeps there. She was telling me about something that her main squeeze wants to do, his vision, and then she shared her vision of something that she'd like to do. Wow! Another point of inspiration for me! It was really cool to be surrounded by such creativity among us twenty somethings! This was inspiring, energizing, refreshing, and super exciting! Hit up one of my all-time fave sites for a magazine completely run by twenty somethings: Who says we're just a bunch of lazy Starbucks sippin' slackers?! We were created for great things...sometimes it just takes some of us crazy twenty somethings to go places that most sane peeps won't go!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Moo meets Dr. Nook

As you can see, Moo was ready for her first trip to the vet. And I was ready too--I wrapped her in a blanket in case she got a little too excited in the car! She did pretty good in the car. She got a little overwhelmed, I think, and could hardly sit still. But hey, she's a curious 'lil canine that loves to see everything! Her face was plastered to the window!!!

We arrived at Dr. Nook's office. It's not only a vet office, but also a doggie hotel with pool!!! I don't think Moo will be checking in there anytime soon, but it's there if she ever needs to decompress (eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom, and being cute is probably exhausting!).

When we walked in with Moo, everyone behind the desk ooo'd and ahhhhhh'd over her because she's so tiny! Then, when we told them her name, they all giggled and started moo'ing. "Moooooooo, mooooooooo, mooooo!" It was funny. Dr. Nook's assistant gently took Moo and put her on the scales. She weighs in at a whopping 1.0 kilograms! Dr. Nook took her temp, cleaned her big ears, gave her a shot and a tick and flea treatment. Moo was a star patient!

Dr. Nook gave us some specific instructions for caring for a Chihuahua since they are so small and fragile. Court took plenty of notes. We love Dr. Nook and we'll go back to see her in a few weeks for another shot!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Welcome, Moo!

Yesterday was my housemate's (Court) birthday! To make this day even more exciting, we brought home a new lil pup! She is a 12 week old Chihuahua! Her name is Moo! Ya the cow (she's got precious white and black patches all over her!). She's pretty much my new jam! She ran me ragged today! Moo is a little firecracker! Tons of energy! When she runs, she's a total blur! But like now...she'll wear herself out quick and sleep hard! She's laying in my lap as I type this! Well, I'm sure you'll be hearing more adventures of Moo in future posts, so I won't give it all away now! Just wanted y'all to meet Lil Moo!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Go Shawty, it's yer birfday!

I wanna give a special holler to my buddy, Court! Today is her birthday! She's the BIG 2-5! I'm honored to be able to share this special birthday in which she turns a quarter of a century old! And to think that we're celebrating it here in Chiang Mai! What a blessing! Please allow me a moment to say a few words...(I'm clearing my throat and straigtening my shirt). Dear peeps, today is a special day. One that will mark a special time in Courtney's life. She is half way to being 50 years old! Isn't that amazing! She still looks so young! Courtney has blossomed into a brilliant young lady making her an irreplaceable contribution to society. Her style is impeccable. Her wit is dagger-sharp. Her instinct is killer. Her laughter is contagious. Her personality is vivid. Her smile is sweet. Her friendship is priceless. Court, thanks for being such a good buddy to me! You're the bomb diggity! HAPPY BIRFDAY!!!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

New Photos!

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Rockin' the Golden Triangle

Well, we had our first visitor come and go. Fun was had by all. Last week, after a very busy time at work, we took some time off and did a road trip up north to the Golden Triangle and made a few stops along the way.

We got an early start and made it to Charin Garden for a delicious lunch. I have been there 3 times now and it gets better every time! I get the same thing--Chicken and basil followed by a cup of coffee and a slice of ice cold lemon pie. Mercy! It's so good! We all enjoyed our food as well as the relaxing scenery. Charin is comfortably nested by a gentle creek.

Then, we hit the road and made our way through Chiang Rai to visit the "White Temple." It is a Buddhist temple that is well, uhhhhh white. It's something though! It almost looks like it's made out of sugar. It's really weird. The designer is famous for his very contemporary interpretation of this century's temples. The inside had super modern imagery on the walls. Typically, you'll see very ancient renderings of Buddha's timeline....birth, enlightenment, etc. However, this artist chose to capture today's events so that it will be recorded in this new history. The graphics on the walls included many skulls and crossbones, the Pepsi logo, the Twin Towers, Converse high top sneakers, and most oddly--Keanu Reeves in his Matrix get up. VERY WEIRD. Anyways....we couldn't take photos inside but the outside is really wild. Check it out.

On up the road, we stopped in at a village where there were about 5 different people groups living on shared land provided by the government. We were particularly excited to see the Long Neck Karen people. The females all stack super heavy brass rings around their neck, arms, and below their knees. It's really something to see.

Then, we headed on up to the Golden Triangle--where Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos meet. We stood right on the bank of the Mekong River. We ended up having time to squeeze in a boat ride over to a market in Laos. This was really cool! The Mekong is a really cool looking river. We rode for about 15 minutes to the market. When we got out of the boat, we paid a visitor's tax like thing and then we started browsing. Well, since we weren't particularly in the market for snake whiskey or cigarettes, we didn't find much that we couldn't live without. Check this stuff out though! It could definitely put some hair on your chest!

We then headed back to town. It was an awesome day trip! This was one of the many things we did while Terri was here. More posts to come. Terri, thanks so much for making the effort to come and experience life here with us! We had a blast and hope to see you again soon!!

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