Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I think I live in a zoo

Ya know...yesterday, I walked out of my front door and I almost stepped on a frog while feeding the fish while I chased a dog out of the carport while I swatted a bee, saw another monster snail, had a gecko drop off the ceiling and land right next to me. I had to stop and laugh at this little zoo that I live in. Then about that time, 2 cats with no tail came by and chased away a bird that was sitting on our gate. Just a normal day around here, I reckon.

Work is keeping me super busy and as Court mentioned on her blog, we're getting ready for our first guest from the states! She'll arrive in about 5 days! WooHoo! We're excited to see a familiar face!

Work is keeping me crazy busy! I'm glad I really enjoy doing web design day in and day out! Good times!

Our neighbor, Khun Nit, left town for a month to take care of her parents. Not sure how old they are, b/c Khun Nit is 65!! So...anyways...now that she's gone we've realized how much we miss her. In fact, as I'm writing this, I'm compiling a list of things that I personally miss about Nit.

  1. I miss the way she screams at her dog in Thai. She can hit these low notes and squeal all the way up the scale! KhanoooooOOOOOOOOn!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I miss the way she always asks us where we're going or where we've been. She always has to know!
  3. I miss her always asking if we've eaten yet.
  4. I miss her coming over to our rose bush and clipping the dead roses off before we can even get to them.
  5. I miss her enthusiasm when we say all the Thai words that we know! She's a great cheerleader. She's pretty hard on us when we don't know what she's saying.

Our neighborhood has not been the same! We like Nit. We really do. In fact, when you get a nickname, you're pretty much in. Last week, I started calling Nit, P. Nitty! I kinda like it and I think it's gonna stick. I'm not planning on sharing this news with her...I'll just entertain myself by referring to her as P. Nitty.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Run for the Border

No, I didn't make a late night stop at Taco Bell, I actually did make a run for the REAL border! This past week, Court and I rode up to the Thailand/Myanmar border to get our visas renewed. We will have to do this every 90 days. Fine with me! This means that every 90 days we can stop in at Charin Garden on our way up and have a delish lunch and pie and coffee to top it off! It's a cute 'lil place with a lovely relaxing view.

So, about 4 hours later, we reached the border. Those were some long and winding roads up yonder! I'm telling you! It was good to finally arrive! Anyways...we had heard some horror stories of peeps having some bad experiences with wrong stamps, no stamps, and out-the-roof charges. So, we were as prepared as we knew how to be. We walked up to the counter, handed over our passports, and flashed our best smiles. When our passports were stamped and returned, we did not leave that counter until we verified that we had everything we needed to leave Thailand and walk 100 yards away to the Myanmar border stop. When we walked out of the Thailand side, we were rushed by peeps wanting to sell us everything you can imagine. We just smiled and kept walking. After doing paperwork on the Myanmar side, we walked around this little building and then down the steps to a little market--just so we could see a little bit of the scene here. Well friends, I've never seen so many young guys in long skirts trying to sell American cigarettes! It was really weird! We saw some of the best rip off brand name clothing we've seen yet! We saw more sunglasses and fake DVDs and CDs than New York can shake a stick at! It was really hot and we were over this pretty quick. We were ready to roll back to Chiang Mai! Goodbye Myanmar! We'll see ya in another 3 months!!!!

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