Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Home Sweet Home

On our way back from Cha Am (12 hour van ride!) we stopped in at a market called Samchuk. We did some speed shopping and grabbed some pork and rice encased in a lotus blossom and grilled. Weird--I know, but delish!!!!
Made it to Chiang Mai around midnight last night! Stayed with Lah at her house and then on to meet up with Goy for some good strong Thai coffee! We had a great time talking and listening and praying for each other. She's a believer and a sweet, sweet friend. Then, we went and got khao soi---probably my favorite food in the entire world!!!!!! We even went to the shop in my old neighborhood! It was just as amazing as I had remembered!!!
Tomorrow is another jam-packed day of running, visiting with peeps, and spending time enjoying this place that I love so much!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Sawadee Bii Mai 2010!!!!

Happy New Year y'all!!!

The last couple of days have been awesome-but busy! New Year's was amazing!!! Fireworks on the beach and my peeps was so much fun!!! However, the next day was our first day of "work". The kids showed up and we had a great time of study with them and it's been a true joy getting to know these kids! Their parents are in their work meetings all day and we get to study, talk, and just enjoy hanging out. I'm working with the high school kids and they are a real hoot! Lovin' it and learning so much from their kind hearts and sweet spirits.

Will holler again later, but at least wanted to post some photos below. Enjoy and happy new year!!!!

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