Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Cruisin' Convoy

On the way to take Moo to the vet, we come to a major intersection near our house and all the traffic is stopped. There were about 4 cops making every vehicle stop and they were telling peeps on motor bikes to get off and stand. I couldn't believe everyone stopping and standing. Our best guess was that somebody from the Royal Family was gonna be breezing through any minute. Well, we were hoping it would be any minute. It was more like almost 15 minutes and all those motor bike riders waited patiently.

After we got to the vet and back to work, we asked our friends if something special was going on today? We explained how we sat an intersection forever waiting on a bunch of cars to blow right through our intersection at killer speeds. They were excited to inform us that one of the Princesses was in town. It didn't really seem to be anything way outta the ordinary for the peeps around here to get off motor bikes and stand in the middle of the road in honor of the princess. But, for me...well, this was a first!

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