Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Deep Thoughts by Maybelle

"I've traveled halfway across the world. What did you do today?"

"I sleep to beat the heat."

"You said if I sit here and imagine snow, I'd feel cooler. Still imagining...."

"Somebody once told me to take a deep breath and enjoy life. I would if I could stop panting long enough to do that. Thanks for the suggestion though."

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Touch down in the Land o' Smiles

So....after traveling since last Thursday, Maybelle and I made it to Chiang Mai! Whatta journey! It was super long but probably the smoothest international trip I've ever had! Thanks for your prayers! Today, I'm unpacking and adjusting to the heat here! The average temp is around 105 degrees right now! Unbelievable! Maybelle is panting like crazy inside the house with fans blowing! Good thing she's not an outside pup! She's adjusting though and drinking lots of water! 

Here's a few photos from the beginning of the trip...

Friday, April 23, 2010


Yesterday, I drove down to Atlanta and will catch my flight out to Bangkok this morning. After an overnight in Bangkok, I'll hop a flight to Chiang Mai. I'm praying I've got everything packed...if not....what IS packed will have to do. I'm looking forward to the down-time on the loooooong flight! I enjoy international flights--I can sleep!!!

Thanks for your emails and notes of encouragement! I'm looking forward to seeing what the Lord will do in this next year! Wow! I can't believe I'm really going! 

I'll holler when I get there! Goodbye, America.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Tonight was full of good family, good friends, and good food! My peeps are sendin' me off right! Tomorrow, I'm headed down to the ATL (aka Atlanta) to stay over night and be up and at 'em the next morning to catch my big flight to BKK. Then, the next morning I'll hop a flight to Chiang Mai. Hoping all goes well including everything with Maybelle (my precious pup!). I have a load of documents to present to the Department of Livestock in Bangkok when I arrive. Surely I've got more than enough papers to get her in without any drama! We'll see!

Here are a couple of "see ya later" snaps! More updates to follow as the journey begins!

(Sulu--my cuz and her pup Paisley & me and LilliBones)
(Jules, Me, and LilliBones--daughter of Jules)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dear Richmond...

Dear Richmond,

When I first met you seven years ago, I didn't like you much. In fact, I told you that I'd only be here long enough to finish a lease I had signed before I had ever been here. But not all blind commitments are bad. I stuck it out and now I'm sad to be leaving you, again. Chiang Mai is pretty awesome though, so I'm looking forward to enjoying its charming personality of a big city disguised as a small town. Flip-flops are always acceptable, dogs are always welcome, everyone smiles and nods as their way of saying "Hello", and chill coffee shops abound. However, Chiang Mai doesn't have Monument Avenue in the Spring and Fall, Gene & Sabrina to deliver the latest news,  and certainly no Carytown. But I do think if y'all could meet, you'd be friends. Richmond, you're a rockstar! I'll miss you! Goodbye.   --Wendy

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So long, Springfield!

I've had a BLAST hangin' with Missy, Brad, and Zeke! Got to see Rachel and Amanda but failed to snap photos! We were so busy catching up! It's been awesome just chillin' and spending time with these peeps that I'm gonna miss so much! I've made special memories while being here. Now, it's back to Richmond to wrap up my final days there. Then, headin' to Kingsport, TN to visit with the fam before leaving for Thailand. Good times, but sad times.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter & Zekester

Made it to Springfield, MO to visit my sister, Missy, her husband, Brad, and of course the cutest lil guy in the world, Zeke!!! We're having a blast! Got in last night, chilled, read books, and went straight to bed! Long day! Today, it's pouring buckets o' rain. Lookin' forward to catchin' up with Rachel and Amanda, my Chiang Mai peeps sometime this weekend! Good times!!

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