Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back 2 School

I'm sure you've been watching the news and seeing/hearing about the current situation here. School is closed for the next couple of days. I'm home safe and sound watching the news reports on TV. I'm fine. Please pray for Thailand!

This past Monday was my first day of school! I'm teaching 7th and 8th grade English in the "Focused English Program". So far, I'm having a blast! I LOVE the kids! They're a hoot! The students at my school are all Thai. They're so creative, clever, and quick! I never know what they're gonna say! We've been working on memorizing and understanding the classroom rules. Today, the kiddos made posters of the rules and presented them to the class by doing a skit to demonstrate their understanding. They had a ball doing it! They're so dramatic!!!! Love it! And they seem to be enjoying themselves, too!

Here are some snaps of one of my classes working on posters illustrating the classroom rules as well as some shots of them doing skits to demonstrate their understanding. We're having a blast!


D-Dogg said...

Where's the TEACHER, "Show ME the teacher!" Sure love these pictures of Thai students- seen a million of them in my day- what I ain't seen yet is a picture of the teacher in her teach'in clothes!!!! That's what I'm talkin about! :)

Wendy- thanks for stay'in in touch with your e-mails and blog entries- we all love you over here in America!

Mama Sandy said...

Hey Hey! THanks for the photos! It helps so much to picture you there! I'm like Duane, though, I want a picture of the teacher!!!!! Especially on Fridays!! Praying for you there, and praying for Thailand! Love you!

Anonymous said...

i'm with d-dog and mama s.------i too was wondering where is the teacher? takin' the picture, i suppose?-loveya, m0m

Hindsfeet said...

Hey Girl...thinkin bout ya over there...Courtney filled me in on the latest......hope you're doin' ok m'friend.....let's trade prayers, k?


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